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Attempt noun – An effort to do or accomplish something.
Usage example: it took several attempts before we made good ice cream with an old-fashioned hand-cranked ice cream freezer

Shot is a synonym for attempt in try topic. In some cases you can use "Shot" instead a noun "Attempt", when it comes to topics like crack, aim. informal substitute
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Shot noun – An effort to do or accomplish something.
Usage example: let's take another shot at the puzzle

Attempt is a synonym for shot in try topic. You can use "Attempt" instead a noun "Shot", if it concerns topics such as aim. popular alternative
Synonyms for Shot

How words are described

good good attempt good shot
clear clear attempt clear shot
best best attempt best shot
long long attempt long shot
Other adjectives: similar, brief, direct, complete, original, single, cheap, poor, actual, real, final, next, last, previous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Hostile Show Takeover Eventually, he becomes desperate enough to actually try and kill Snake back in the original Metal Gear 2 game for the MSX2, but is shot by Big Boss himself in the attempt.
  • Video Game / Blaze Union Once the former calms down and starts trying to work it out, his attempt to actually try to communicate gets shot down fairly harshly.
  • Film / Skyfall And of course, after Bond shoots the fire extinguishers in the inquiry boardroom in an attempt to throw Silva's aim off, he fires a magazine at the smokescreen and fails to land a single shot.
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