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Audience noun – A conference (usually with someone important).
Usage example: he requested an audience with the king

Interview is a synonym for audience in meeting topic. In some cases you can use "Interview" instead a noun "Audience", when it comes to topics like hearing, conference, audition. popular alternative
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Interview noun – A conference (usually with someone important).
Audience is a synonym for interview in conference topic. You can use "Audience" instead a noun "Interview", if it concerns topics such as audition, questioning and evaluation. popular alternative
Nearby Words: interviewer, interviewed, interviewing, interviewee
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How words are described

live live audience live interview
old old audience old interview
good good audience good interview
full full audience full interview
Other adjectives: particular, mass, public, straight, actual, entire, real, big, private, new, early, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Don't Explain the Joke And yet, somehow inverted during Jon's interview with Louis CK He began dissecting Toilet Humor during the interview, leaving Jon and the audience in stitches.
  • Young Future Famous People: A young Bradley Cooper was in the audience during Sean Penn's interview and asked a question during the Audience Q&A.
  • We can occasionally get a quote in an interview confirming, or at least claiming, that a specific audience reaction was intended, but usually this term is only useful for fans talking to fans.
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