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Author noun – A person who creates a written work.
Usage example: a brilliant novel by a first-time author

Reporter is a synonym for author in critic topic. In some cases you can use "Reporter" instead a noun "Author", when it comes to topics like journalist, composer of written work.
Nearby Words: authority, authorize, authorise, authorization, authored
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Reporter noun – A person employed by a newspaper, magazine, or radio or television station to gather, write, or report news.
Author is a synonym for reporter in critic topic. You can use "Author" instead a noun "Reporter".
Nearby Words: report, reported, reporting, reportage
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fellow fellow author fellow reporter
human human author human reporter
good good author good reporter
female female author female reporter
Other adjectives: popular, actual, successful, male, great, main, young, famous, new, well-known, former, different, famed, aspiring, favorite, Dutch.

Both words in one sentence

  • Audio Play / Horrible Histories Match Cut: In some moments when someone recites a report or a poem, the voices will merge from the reader to the reporter or author who wrote it.
  • Clark Kenting Furthermore as an author and writer (not a reporter) he can choose to keep a much lower profile than other celebrities and come off as a bit reclusive and eccentric.
    Source: Clark Kenting
  • Series / Pretty Little Liars Creator Cameo: Sara Shepard, the books' author, appears as a substitute teacher for Ezra in the episode "Please Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone." She also appeared as a news reporter in "I'm A Good Girl, I am." Create Your Own Villain: Emily ultimately admits, they made Mona the way she is.
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