Authoritarian and Imperious


Authoritarian adjective - Fond of ordering people around.
Usage example: grew up with an authoritarian older sister who thought she was queen of the world

Imperious is a synonym for authoritarian in strict topic. In some cases you can use "Imperious" instead an adjective "Authoritarian", when it comes to topics like over, domineering, disciplinarian. popular alternative

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Imperious adjective - Fond of ordering people around.
Usage example: an imperious little boy who liked to tell the other scouts what to do

Authoritarian is a synonym for imperious in over topic. You can use "Authoritarian" instead an adjective "Imperious", if it concerns topics such as peremptory. popular alternative

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  • Useful Notes / Hideki Tojo In reality while both Nazism and Tojo's ideals were racist, murderous, imperious, and authoritarian-to-totalitarian there were a number of non-insignificant differences.
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