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Authority noun – The power to direct the thinking or behavior of others usually indirectly.
Usage example: speaks with a persuasive authority on matters of public health

Influence is a synonym for authority in power topic. In some cases you can use "Influence" instead a noun "Authority", when it comes to topics like characteristic, command, prerogative. popular alternative
Nearby Words: authorize, authorise, authoritative, author, authorization
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Influence noun – The power to direct the thinking or behavior of others usually indirectly.
Usage example: a mayor who doesn't hesitate to use her influence to get business leaders behind civic improvements

Authority is a synonym for influence in power topic. You can use "Authority" instead a noun "Influence", if it concerns topics such as control, characteristic, command. popular alternative
Nearby Words: influenced, influential, influencing, influent
Synonyms for Influence

How words are described

human human authority human influence
good good authority good influence
high high authority high influence
direct direct authority direct influence
Other adjectives: single, strong, powerful, actual, real, great, evil, little, personal, supernatural, major, political, less, greatest.

Both words in one sentence

  • In most cases, Maximilien Robespierre is depicted as a proto-Lenin and proto-Stalin when Robespierre never had anything near that level of influence and authority in actual policymaking.
    Source: Dated History
  • Corrupt Church They began as an oft-ignored group of zealots that worshiped the Walls as a divine gift, but rapidly gained influence and authority after the loss of Wall Maria.
  • Our Goblins Are Different Although the orks are the larger and more powerful folks and typically wield more authority and influence, the Big Boss is currently a goblin.
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