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Aviator noun – One who flies or is qualified to fly an aircraft or spacecraft.
Usage example: the solo flight from New York to Paris by the aviator Charles Lindbergh captured the imagination of people around the world

Pilot is a synonym for aviator in person topic. In some cases you can use "Pilot" instead a noun "Aviator", when it comes to topics like airman, person who flies aircraft.
Nearby Words: aviate, aviation, aviating
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Pilot noun – One who flies or is qualified to fly an aircraft or spacecraft.
Usage example: the airline is seeking experienced pilots to fly the new airplane

Aviator is a synonym for pilot in airman topic. You can use "Aviator" instead a noun "Pilot", if it concerns topics such as ship. dated substitute
Nearby Words: piloted, piloting, pilotage, pilothouse
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How words are described

old old aviator old pilot
female female aviator female pilot
certain certain aviator certain pilot
young young aviator young pilot
Other adjectives: trained, capable, famous, former, military.

Both words in one sentence

  • Any pilot/aviator who is described as playing by his own rules and disregarding authority would not be put in the seat of a multi-million dollar jet.
  • Summary: You are a Naval aviator, flying the F-14B Tomcat in a US Navy integrated witch/pilot squadron.
  • Goggles Do Nothing If a character has a logical reason to be wearing goggles, like pilot with aviator goggles, it doesn't count as this trope, even if he never actually gets to use them.
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