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Back verb – To promote the interests or cause of.
Usage example: she enthusiastically backed the plan to renovate and upgrade the school's facilities

Endorse is a synonym for back in support topic. In some cases you can use "Endorse" instead a verb "Back", when it comes to topics like behaviour, advocate, approve. popular alternative
Nearby Words: backward, backing, backed, backside, backwards
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Endorse verb – To promote the interests or cause of.
Usage example: an increase in the number of parents who endorse the idea of school uniforms

Back is a synonym for endorse in support topic. You can use "Back" instead a verb "Endorse", if it concerns topics such as approve, behaviour, advocate. popular alternative
Nearby Words: endorsement, endorser, endorsing, endorsee
Synonyms for Endorse

Common collocations

point back point endorse point
show back show endorse show
candidate back candidate endorse candidate
song back song endorse song
Other nouns: opponent.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / The Saint When his pet scientist can't make it work, he tries to get his money back and continue his original plan by getting Karpov to endorse it.
  • Series / Modern Family The talking heads are inconsistent too - they're always filmed in the same location, but often a character will express a point of view that they don't endorse by the time they get back home to do a talking head.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero: Qwark going back on his offer to endorse Zogg for Galactic President and running himself.
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