Bad and Displeasing


Bad adjective - Not giving pleasure to the mind or senses.
Usage example: the air in the damp basement had a very bad smell

Displeasing is a synonym for bad in good topic. In some cases you can use "Displeasing" instead an adjective "Bad", when it comes to topics like distasteful, unfavourable, distressing, unpalatable.

Nearby Words: badly, badness


Displeasing adjective - Not giving pleasure to the mind or senses.
Usage example: the new hotel is a displeasing mix of architectural styles

Bad is a synonym for displeasing in good topic. You can use "Bad" instead an adjective "Displeasing", if it concerns topics such as unpleasant, distasteful, unfavourable, unpalatable.

Nearby Words: displease, displeasure, displeased

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / The Dark Knight Rises Bad Boss: Bane kills several of his own guys throughout the film, either by necessity or for displeasing him.
  • Decadent Court The Big Bad of the novel The Stolen Throne is Meghren, the usurper-king of Ferelden, who was given this position by Emperor Florian, his cousin, for displeasing him.
  • Wrestling / Jimmy Jacobs Bad Boss Jacobs wasn't above beating on Delirious for displeasing him in Age Of The Fall, same with Adam Page in Decade Also to initiate Eddie Kingston into The Flood, he tells Kingston to destroy one of his two masked minions.
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