Badly and Horribly


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Badly adverb – In an unsatisfactory way.
Usage example: I'm afraid you performed quite badly in our last rehearsal

Horribly and badly are semantically related in awfully topic. In some cases you can use "Horribly" instead an adverb "Badly", when it comes to topics like terribly.
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Horribly adverb – Of a dreadful kind.
Badly and horribly are semantically related in awfully topic. You can use "Badly" instead an adverb "Horribly", if it concerns topics such as very, terribly.
Nearby Words: horrible, horrid
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Both words in one sentence

  • Fountain of Youth Naturally, things go horribly wrong, and they get a first-hand view of how badly the orphanage is really run.
  • Franchise / Digimon Parents as People: Lots of examples of parents making a decision with the best intentions, but being horribly, horribly wrong — or even just reacting to something badly-yet-understandably-so.
  • Vash's idealism has infected him so badly by this point that he ends up feeling horribly guilty over everyone elses' reactions and does a Heel–Face Mole, which gets him killed.
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