Balance and Residue


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Balance noun – A remaining group or portion.
Usage example: and the balance of the contestants should stand in that last corner

Residue is a synonym for balance in remainder topic. In some cases you can use "Residue" instead a noun "Balance", when it comes to topics like rest, remains, leftover, money remaining in account. popular alternative
Nearby Words: balanced, balancing, balancer
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Residue noun – A remaining group or portion.
Usage example: the residue of our Thanksgiving feast consisted of a denuded turkey carcass and a couple rolls

Balance is a synonym for residue in remainder topic. You can use "Balance" instead a noun "Residue", if it concerns topics such as rest, surplus, remains, leftover. popular alternative
Nearby Words: residuum, residual, residuary
Synonyms for Residue

How words are described

physical physical balance physical residue
evil evil balance evil residue
spiritual spiritual balance spiritual residue
white white balance white residue
Other adjectives: nuclear.

Both words in one sentence

  • Now he is a "Torch," a false person created with the existential residue which helps maintain the balance of the world by burning out slowly rather than vanishing all at once.
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