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Base adjective – Not following or in accordance with standards of honor and decency.
Usage example: a base and sneaky act that is a clear violation of international law

Corrupt is a synonym for base in characteristic topic. In some cases you can use "Corrupt" instead an adjective "Base", when it comes to topics like immoral, depraved, dishonourable, unscrupulous. vulgar substitute
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Corrupt adjective – Having or showing lowered moral character or standards.
Base is a synonym for corrupt in characteristic topic. Sometimes you can use "Base" instead an adjective "Corrupt", if it concerns topics such as property, character trait, immoral, depraved.
Nearby Words: corruption, corrupted, corrupting, corruptness, corruptible
Synonyms for Corrupt

Things that words describes

humanity base humanity corrupt humanity
state base state corrupt state
system base system corrupt system
forces base forces corrupt forces

Common collocations

universe base universe corrupt universe
policies base policies corrupt policies

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse Corrupt Church: The Acolytes of Magneto, particularly in the tie-in comic where their base is depicted as looking like a medieval dungeon despite also being a high-tech Space Base.
  • Film / Zenon Corrupt Corporate Executive: Parker Wyndham in the first movie; the people in charge of building the moon base in the third movie.
    Source: Film / Zenon
  • Series / Banshee In season 3, Camp Genoa is revealed to be a USMC base in Banshee County, with , the money stored in it, and the corrupt commander in charge becoming main focus of the season.
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