Base and Peak


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Base noun – The lowest part, place, or point.
Usage example: the base of the mountain extends over a huge area

Peak is an antonym for base in bottom topic.
Nearby Words: basic, basal, based, baseline, baseball
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Peak noun – The highest part or point.
Usage example: a pop singer at the peak of her career

Base is an antonym for peak in topics: maximum, top of something.
Nearby Words: peaked, peaky, peaking
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Similar words of base
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Similar words of peak
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How words are described

low low base low peak
certain certain base certain peak
current current base current peak
original original base original peak
Other adjectives: top, small, actual, large, black, remote, new, secondary, highest, next, last, technological.

Things that words describes

emotion base emotion peak emotion
score base score peak score
state base state peak state
time base time peak time
Other nouns: resistance, production, times, abilities.

Both words in one sentence

  • Drop the Hammer The base game features the +3 Hammer of Thunderbolts, which requires peak human strength to wield.
  • Series / Jericho In the show, Cheyenne is surrounded by green rolling hills, verdant forests and is at the base of a snow-covered peak.
  • RPG-Mechanics Verse For demons, for instance, it’s generally 500, so a demon with 100 base stat points in each category would be at peak of their potential.
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