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Basically adverb – For the most part.
Inherently is a synonym for basically in intrinsically topic. In some cases you can use "Inherently" instead an adverb "Basically", when it comes to topics like essentially, fundamentally. popular alternative
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Inherently adverb – By natural character or ability.
Usage example: the judge's observation that women are not inherently better at parenting than men

Basically is a synonym for inherently. You can use "Basically" instead an adverb "Inherently". popular alternative
Nearby Words: inherent, inherence, inherency
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  • Manga / Soul Eater Basically, Order isn't inherently good, but Chaos is inherently evil.
  • Lady Land In the Borderlands, it's often half-joked that "a woman's rights are what she says they are." The town of Far Madding has basically Renaissance attitudes gender-reversed (men are inherently inferior).
    Source: Lady Land
  • As for Superman, remember that most of the Mortal Kombat cast are either inherently or powered by or using magic - and Superman is basically a mundane when it comes to magic (which he remarks after receiving a normal kick from Scorpion in the story).
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