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Bear verb – To wear or have on one's person.
Usage example: the right to bear arms

Exhibit is a synonym for bear in display topic. In some cases you can use "Exhibit" instead a verb "Bear", when it comes to topics like show, support mentally.
Nearby Words: bearing, bearish, bearer, bearskin, beared
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Exhibit verb – To present so as to invite notice or attention.
Bear is a synonym for exhibit in show topic. Sometimes you can use "Bear" instead a verb "Exhibit".
Nearby Words: exhibition, exhibited, exhibiting, exhibitor
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Common collocations

power bear power exhibit power
elements bear elements exhibit elements
times bear times exhibit times
signs bear signs exhibit signs

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Half-Minute Hero Light Is Not Good: The Gods in Ragnarok are colored in whites and golds, bear halos and white wings, and generally exhibit all the outward signs of holy, light-aligned deities.
  • Beary Friendly The bear's military duty didn't end this way, though, as it was stuffed and placed as an exhibit in the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw.
  • Series / Bear in the Big Blue House Cloud Cuckoolander: Treelo has been known to exhibit tendencies of this.Bear: (regarding a tomato) But, Treelo, I have to put in the basket along with the other foods we're going to eat.Treelo: Eat!
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