Bear and Hold


Bear verb - To keep in one's mind or heart.
Usage example: I'm not one to bear grudges

Hold is a synonym for bear in process topic. In some cases you can use "Hold" instead a verb "Bear", when it comes to topics like harbour, support, display, exhibit. popular alternative

Nearby Words: bearing, bearish, bearer, bearskin, beared


Hold verb - To have or keep in one's hands.
Usage example: this casserole dish is too hot to hold, so grab a potholder

Bear is a synonym for hold in support topic. You can use "Bear" instead a verb "Hold", if it concerns topics such as possess, process, carry, maintain. popular alternative

Nearby Words: holding, holder, holdback

Common collocations

power bear power hold power
kind bear kind hold kind
significance bear significance hold significance
number bear number hold number
Other words: time, title, weight, items, grudge, sword, times, weapons, grudges.

Both words in one sentence

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