Bear and Kill


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Bear verb – To bring forth from the womb.
Kill is an antonym for bear in give birth topic.
Nearby Words: bearing, bearish, bearer, bearskin, beared
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Kill verb – To deprive of life.
Bear is an antonym for kill in topics: cancel, destroy.
Nearby Words: killing, killed, killer
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Similar words of bear
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Similar words of kill
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Common collocations

life bear life kill life
children bear children kill children
number bear number kill number
time bear time kill time
Other nouns: dog, child, son, daughter, times, guards.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / White Night He says that "You're worried Malvora's going to come smashing in like a big old grizzly bear and kill anything in their way." Later on, when Vittorio Malvora loses the duel and calls in his Black Council backup, well... that exact thing happens, sans an actual bear.
  • Manga / Ayashi no Ceres When he had them, he soon went completely mad and killed one of their daughters, which prompted Ceres to go Mama Bear and kill him.
  • Disney / Brother Bear Mistaken for Own Murderer: Denahi spends much of the film tracking down Kenai's bear-self to kill him, thinking he's a bear that killed Kenai.
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