Beginning and Dawn


Beginning noun - The point at which something begins.
Usage example: the actual beginning of the universe is still under debate, with some scientists continuing to uphold the big bang theory

Dawn is a synonym for beginning in start topic. In some cases you can use "Dawn" instead a noun "Beginning", when it comes to topics like commencement, start of an event or action. popular alternative

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Dawn noun - The point at which something begins.
Usage example: the dawn of civilization

Beginning is a synonym for dawn in origin topic. You can use "Beginning" instead a noun "Dawn", if it concerns topics such as start, commencement. popular alternative

Nearby Words: dawning, dawned, dawna, dawne

How words are described

special special beginning special dawn
long long beginning long dawn
complete complete beginning complete dawn
original original beginning original dawn
Other adjectives: true, actual, early, latter.

Both words in one sentence

  • Spirit of the Century treats the beginning 20th century this way (and, in its backstory, the dawn of each century, and millennia, for that matter).
  • Western Animation / Winx Club Roxy's name as well because "Roxy" means "dawn", which could mean "dawn of a new beginning" in reference to the start of season four or the girls having to live a new life on Earth (there's also a rumor that Roxy was originally going to be named Dawn).
  • The Earth Dawn is the latest ship to be sent to Atlas, whose purpose appears to be to signal a new beginning for Earth after an unspecified calamity and allow the settlers to start anew.
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