Being and Entity


Being noun - The state or fact of existing.

Entity is a synonym for being in soul topic. In some cases you can use "Entity" instead a noun "Being", when it comes to topics like thing, essence, existence, be. popular alternative


Entity noun - One that has a real and independent existence.
Usage example: the question of whether extrasensory perception will ever be a scientifically recognized entity
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Synonyms for Entity

Being is a synonym for entity in thing topic. You can use "Being" instead a noun "Entity", if it concerns topics such as essence, existence, be, object that exists. popular alternative

How words are described

good good being good entity
physical physical being physical entity
similar similar being similar entity
separate separate being separate entity
Other adjectives: benevolent, single, divine, powerful, actual, monstrous, dangerous, horrible, spiritual, ancient, supernatural, new, malevolent, mysterious, independent, omnipotent, strange, different, immortal, magical, demonic.
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