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Believe verb – To have as an opinion.
Usage example: despite the horrors she witnessed and endured, Anne Frank steadfastly believed that “people are really good at heart”

Figure is a synonym for believe (North American) in opinion topic. In some cases you can use "Figure" instead a verb "Believe", when it comes to topics like think.
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Figure verb – To have as an opinion.
Usage example: the father figures that girls should have the same athletic opportunities as boys and supports his daughter's interest in soccer

Believe is a synonym for figure in suppose topic. You can use "Believe" instead a verb "Figure", if it concerns topics such as opinion, think.
Nearby Words: figured, figuring, figurine, figuration, fig
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Common collocations

guy believe guy figure guy
way believe way figure way
times believe times figure times
stories believe stories figure stories

Both words in one sentence

  • Jesus Was Way Cool Obviously, most Jewish people don't believe that Jesus was actually a divine figure, but very few think that he was anything but a very good person.
  • The NCO then becomes a stern but fair father figure who shakes out Hitler's antisemitic beliefs and instead causes him to believe in something greater than himself.
  • Creator / Arthur Conan Doyle Doyle instead started to believe that Houdini himself had Psychic Powers, which he used to "disrupt" others, and perform some of his most hard-to-figure-out magic tricks.
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