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Bend verb – To cause to turn away from a straight line.
Wander and bend are semantically related In some cases you can use "Wander" instead a verb "Bend".
Nearby Words: bent, bending, bender, bendy, bended
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Wander verb – To move about from place to place aimlessly.
Bend and wander are semantically related in meander topic. Sometimes you can use "Bend" instead a verb "Wander".
Nearby Words: wandering, wandered, wanderer
Synonyms for Wander

How words are described

certain certain bend certain wander

Common collocations

power bend power wander power
people bend people wander people
way bend way wander way
space bend space wander space
Other nouns: universe, earth, world, bit.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / Wander over Yonder Gone Behind the Bend: In "The Picnic", Hater chases Wander around a tall narrow rock, until Wander climbs up on it to watch the planets align, leaving Hater to run around the rock until he finds Wander on top and resumes chasing him.
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