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Benefit verb – To provide with something useful or desirable.
Usage example: his summer internship benefited him in two ways: by giving him some tuition funds and by offering vital work experience

Improve is a synonym for benefit in help topic. In some cases you can use "Improve" instead a verb "Benefit", when it comes to topics like better.
Nearby Words: beneficial, benefaction, beneficent, benefited, beneficence
Synonyms for Benefit


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Improve verb – To make better.
Benefit is a synonym for improve. Sometimes you can use "Benefit" instead a verb "Improve".
Nearby Words: improvement, improving, improvable, improver
Synonyms for Improve

Common collocations

humanity benefit humanity improve humanity
power benefit power improve power
people benefit people improve people
society benefit society improve society
Other nouns: species, world, country, story.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Adam Ruins Everything Benevolent Boss: Adam argues that being a good boss can actually improve productivity and benefit the economy itself.
  • Chaotic Evil None of her evil plans actually benefit her or improve her life in any way: they are entirely focused on the extermination of the people she hates.
    Source: Chaotic Evil
  • Video Game / Star Control If one of your ships just happens to run across a Precursor artifact, that can radically improve that ship's power, especially if it's an artifact that that particular ship could really benefit from.
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