Benign and Malignant


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Benign adjective – Not causing or being capable of causing injury or hurt.
Usage example: around campus he's known as a real character, but one whose eccentricities are entirely benign

Malignant is an antonym for benign in topics: harmless, advantageous, kindly, mild, not cancerous.
Nearby Words: benignant, benignly, benignity
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Malignant adjective – Having or showing a desire to cause someone pain or suffering for the sheer enjoyment of it.
Usage example: a malignant wish to lash out at everyone who was smarter, richer, or better-looking than he was

Benign is an antonym for malignant in topics: hostile, diseased.
Nearby Words: malign, malicious, malignancy, malignantly
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Similar words of benign
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Similar words of malignant
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Things that words describes

character benign character malignant character
force benign force malignant force
entity benign entity malignant entity
creature benign creature malignant creature
Other nouns: god, form, example, personality, version, tumor, spirits, entities, tumors, ghosts.

Both words in one sentence

  • Tabletop Game / Unknown Armies True examples of purely malignant or benign groups are very thin on the ground.
  • Literature / Gnomes Black Sheep: Siberian gnomes are often less benign than most others, and occasionally, like one in one of the Legends, malignant towards humans.
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