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Bent noun – A habitual attraction to some activity or thing.
Usage example: the perfect gift for a person of a literary bent

Genius is a synonym for bent in inclination topic. In some cases you can use "Genius" instead a noun "Bent", when it comes to topics like ability, gift.
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Genius noun – A special and usually inborn ability.
Usage example: had a genius for saying the wrong thing, no matter what the social situation

Bent is a synonym for genius in ability topic. You can use "Bent" instead a noun "Genius", if it concerns topics such as talent, brilliance, gift, gift of high intellect.
Nearby Words: genial, geniality, genie
Synonyms for Genius

How words are described

human human bent human genius
complete complete bent complete genius
certain certain bent certain genius
intellectual intellectual bent intellectual genius
Other adjectives: artistic, creative, political, twisted, insane, immortal, mad, analytical, scientific, literary, sociopathic, comedic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Beware the Honest Ones: Jobe Wilkins is fairly honest: he's also a sociopathic genius with Literal Genie tendencies and a bent for biological tinkering with no scruples about experimenting on himself or others.
  • Black Eyes of Evil Found on Captain Vole of Girl Genius, an ex-Jagerkin (no, we're not sure how that works either) who is hell-bent on killing any Heterodyne that comes his way, including Agatha.
  • Once an egomaniacal baby genius, bent on world domination and matricide, Stewie has evolved into an effeminate, gay infant with a penchant for occasionally whipping out some manner of advanced technology.
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