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Betray verb – To be unfaithful or disloyal to.
Usage example: childhood friends of movie stars often betray them by telling their secrets to the supermarket tabloids

Double-cross is a synonym for betray in trust topic. In some cases you can use "Double-cross" instead a verb "Betray", when it comes to topics like honest, be disloyal to, be disloyal. popular alternative
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Double-cross verb – To be unfaithful or disloyal to.
Betray is a synonym for double-cross in trust topic. You can use "Betray" instead a verb phrase "Double-cross", if it concerns topics such as honest, to deceive or betray someone. popular alternative
Synonyms for Double-cross

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  • Western Animation / Dofus: The Treasures of Kerubim He's a perfectly congenial guy who loves his friends...he just suffers an irresistible tendency to betray or double-cross anyone, even lifelong friends.
  • Kansas City Shuffle Slayers Xellos has relied on Lina distrusting him to betray her, letting her concerns with how he'll double-cross her cover up how he'll double-cross her.
  • Film / The Score Fakin' MacGuffin: Nick (anticipating a double-cross) swaps out the sceptre he was hired to steal for the axle they used as stand-in during their trial runs, meaning that Teller ends up with nothing when he does betray him.
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