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Betray verb – Cause someone to believe an untruth.
Mislead is a synonym for betray in honest topic. In some cases you can use "Mislead" instead a verb "Betray", when it comes to topics like be disloyal.
Nearby Words: betrayal, betrayer, betraying
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Mislead verb – To cause to believe what is untrue.
Betray is a synonym for mislead in information topic. You can use "Betray" instead a verb "Mislead", if it concerns topics such as honest.
Nearby Word: misleading
Synonyms for Mislead

Common collocations

hero betray hero mislead hero
people betray people mislead people
someone betray someone mislead someone
government betray government mislead government
Other nouns: mother, clan, plans, player, everyone, friends, players, brothers, masters, heroes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Evil Chancellor In Dante's The Divine Comedy, the 8th Bolgia (ditch) of the Eighth circle of Hell is reserved for "Evil Counselors," that is, the officers and advisors of rulers who mislead or betray their masters.
  • In some cases, Treacherous Quest Giver would deliberately mislead you to do some Irrelevant Sidequests for him only to betray you later.
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