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Betray verb – To lead away from a usual or proper course by offering some pleasure or advantage.
Usage example: she was betrayed by a false show of friendship into covering up the crime

Seduce is a synonym for betray in be disloyal topic. In some cases you can use "Seduce" instead a verb "Betray".
Nearby Words: betrayal, betrayer, betraying
Synonyms for Betray


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Seduce verb – To lead away from a usual or proper course by offering some pleasure or advantage.
Usage example: I wasn't going to buy the car, but was seduced by the low-interest payment plan

Betray is a synonym for seduce in corrupt topic. You can use "Betray" instead a verb "Seduce", if it concerns topics such as tempt.
Nearby Words: seductive, seduction, seducer, seducing
Synonyms for Seduce

Common collocations

bond betray bond seduce bond
hero betray hero seduce hero
man betray man seduce man
people betray people seduce people
Other nouns: husband, men, someone, time, boss, mother, queen, father, brother, anyone, times.

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / The Stolen Throne His servant and advisor, the mage Severus, hires an elven Bard (assassin and spy) named Katriel to seduce and betray Maric, but she begins to develop feelings for the rebel leader.Also prominent is Loghain Mac Tir, one of the main villains of Origins.
  • While this doesn't have any huge repercussions for the player, as Morinth is completely loyal and doesn't betray you (unless you decide to seduce her), it's still an incredibly dumb idea from a logical standpoint.
    Source: Stupid Evil
  • Azula has tons of Les Yay with Ty Lee and Mai and she freaks out after they betray her but she also has subtext with her brother as well trying (and failing) to seduce a guy at a party, and she generates Foe Romance Subtext with everyone regardless of gender.
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