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Beyond adverb – Farther along in space or time or degree.
Past is a synonym for beyond in after topic. In some cases you can use "Past" instead the word "Beyond" as a preposition or an adverb, when it comes to topics like further, on the far side of, later than. popular alternative
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Past preposition – On or to the farther side of.
Usage example: I drive past the school every day

Beyond is a synonym for past in position topic. You can use "Beyond" instead the word "Past" as a preposition or an adverb, if it concerns topics such as after, in front of. popular alternative
Synonyms for Past

Both words in one sentence

  • The Slow Path In Sam & Max Beyond Time And Space: Chariots of the Dogs, the eponymous duo are left stranded back in Episode 102: Situation: Comedy by their own past selves and are forced to re-live the past year-and-a-half off-camera.
    Source: The Slow Path
  • Ohr Ein Sof is an attack that goes beyond physical damage and can unmake the target back into Light, but can and apparently has also unraveled some of its past users into Light themselves.
  • Parts Unknown Techno Destructo is from beyond Venus, beyond Jupiter, and that's way past Uranus.
    Source: Parts Unknown
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