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Bid verb – To request the presence or participation of.
Usage example: as company president, I bid you all to come to our annual holiday party!

Call is a synonym for bid in wish topic. In some cases you can use "Call" instead the word "Bid" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like speech, request, convene, tell.
Nearby Words: bidding, bidder, biding, bided
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Call verb – To demand or request the presence or service of.
Usage example: rushed to call a repairman when the furnace broke

Bid is a synonym for call in request topic. You can use "Bid" instead the word "Call" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as convene, question, arrange meeting.
Nearby Words: calling, called, caller, callback, callable
Synonyms for Call

How words are described

old old bid old call
good good bid good call
high high bid high call
original original bid original call
Other adjectives: genuine, single, actual, serious, huge, little, deliberate, personal, general, final, desperate, next, last, latest, different, earlier, previous.

Common collocations

love bid love call love
people bid people call people
place bid place call place
time bid time call time
Other nouns: doctor, everyone, sister, friends.

Both words in one sentence

  • Music / Brentalfloss One of the things he offered to sell was a 30 minute phone call between him and the buyer and he set the starting bid at 99 cents.
  • Western Animation / The Modifyers Cliffhanger: The pilot ends with Baron Vain finding Xero's ring, right as Katz is trying to call her, likely as a bid to entice the networks to pick it up.
  • Useful Notes / Sarah Palin She sets the army on street gangs, but is not prepared to go as far as they would like until The Dragon stages a terrorist attack, where she will either call them off or authorize the Daedalus which is used in a bid to destroy the entire city.
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