Birth and Genesis


Birth noun - The act or instance of being born.
Usage example: almost from birth, he showed all the marks of future greatness

Genesis is a synonym for birth in beginning topic. In some cases you can use "Genesis" instead a noun "Birth", when it comes to topics like start, emergence. popular alternative

Nearby Words: birthday, birthing


Genesis noun - The point at which something begins.
Usage example: was present at the meeting which was later considered the genesis of the new political movement

Birth is a synonym for genesis in beginning topic. You can use "Birth" instead a noun "Genesis", if it concerns topics such as start, formation. popular alternative

Nearby Word: generation

How words are described

original original birth original genesis
actual actual birth actual genesis
famous famous birth famous genesis
next next birth next genesis
Other adjectives: literal, recent.

Both words in one sentence

  • Genesis Effect The birth of a planet, be it naturally or through artificial means, usually with a good deal of impressive visuals.
  • Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan did a variation where the shots of Kirk racing to get to Spock before he dies are intercut with the birth of the Genesis planet.
  • Literature / A Little Princess Meaningful Name: Sara is Hebrew for "princess." In the book of Genesis, Sarah — wife of Abraham — gives birth to Isaac, and is promised that she will be a princess of many nations.
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