Bit and Chip


Bit noun - A very small piece.
Usage example: she left only a bit of the broccoli on her plate

Chip is a synonym for bit in morsel topic. In some cases you can use "Chip" instead a noun "Bit", when it comes to topics like sliver, fragment, slice, tiny piece. popular alternative

Nearby Word: bite


Chip noun - A small flat piece separated from a whole.
Usage example: wood chips were spread over the ground between the plants

Bit is a synonym for chip in morsel topic. You can use "Bit" instead a noun "Chip", if it concerns topics such as sliver, fragment. popular alternative

Nearby Words: chipped, chipping

How words are described

rare rare bit rare chip
best best bit best chip
particular particular bit particular chip
similar similar bit similar chip
Other adjectives: single, small, real, large, big, great, evil, tiny, important, new, major, advanced, final, broken, extra, next, last, latter, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Behemoth Battle You can shove a Big Boy MIRV onto it, chip him bit by bit with Minigun, or better yet: ask Strong, our resident Super Mutant companion to duke it out with those Behemoths.
  • Physics tells us that no matter how thick your armour is, each attack is still going to chip away the armour bit by bit.
  • Elvis Lives By the end of the story, Buddy has died in a crash, yet a new boy at the chip shop looks a bit Elvish.note¬†"There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis": Kirsty MacColl
    Source: Elvis Lives
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