Bit and Mass


Bit noun - A very small piece.
Usage example: she left only a bit of the broccoli on her plate

Mass is an antonym for bit.

Nearby Word: bite


Mass noun - A considerable amount.
Usage example: I have a mass of work to do tonight

Bit is an antonym for mass.

Nearby Words: massed, massing, massive

How words are described

similar similar bit similar mass
single single bit single mass
small small bit small mass
actual actual bit actual mass
Other adjectives: entire, real, large, big, great, little, tiny, extra, additional, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • There's a mass murderer on the roof of a train, along with Sebastian, and the mass murderer tricks Sebastian into not hurting him for a bit before ducking for a bridge.
  • Shapeshifter Baggage Shapeshifting normally lets you gain or lose mass however you wish but the Mass Conservation limitation stops this and goes a bit further noting that 150lb mice and elephants shouldn't be allowed.
  • Story-to-Gameplay Ratio Mass Effect sits a bit lower down than some would expect, as a lot of its dialogue is skippable.
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