Blame and Praise


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Blame verb – To express one's unfavorable opinion of the worth or quality of.
Usage example: more concerned with pleasing audiences, the playwright has always claimed to be indifferent to whether critics praise his comedies or blame them without mercy

Praise is an antonym for blame in topics: responsibility, criticize, free, neglect, condemnation.
Nearby Words: blameless, blamed, blaming, blameful
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Praise verb – To proclaim the glory of.
Usage example: hymns that praise God

Blame is an antonym for praise in topics: approval, acclaim, congratulate, congratulations.
Nearby Words: praised, praising
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Similar words of praise
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How words are described

rare rare blame rare praise
equal equal blame equal praise
actual actual blame actual praise
real real blame real praise
Other adjectives: huge, little, excessive, verbal, undeserved.

Common collocations

animation blame animation praise animation
hero blame hero praise hero
people blame people praise people
god blame god praise god
Other nouns: time, fact, player, games.

Both words in one sentence

  • I do not know whether this trait of the mind deserves blame or praise, but it attests to his incredible flexibility and the presence of that lucid common sense that pardons evil wherever it recognizes its necessity or the impossibility of its abolishment.
  • Many people blame Artemis for the whole deal while others praise her for giving a new world a chance.
  • But society, like "matter," and Her Majesty's Government, and other lofty abstractions, has its share of excessive blame as well as excessive praise.
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