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Block noun – Something that makes movement or progress difficult.
Usage example: constant bickering that is only a block to the completion of the project

Check is a synonym for block in hinder topic. In some cases you can use "Check" instead the word "Block" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like action, obstruct, obstacle, bar.
Nearby Words: blocked, blockade, blockage, blockhead, blocking
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Check verb – To bring (something) to a standstill.
Usage example: a tree finally checked the skidding car

Block is a synonym for check in bar topic. Sometimes you can use "Block" instead the word "Check" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as delay, hinder.
Nearby Words: checked, checking, checkup, checker, checklist
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How words are described

high high block high check
full full block full check
long long block long check
single single block single check
Other adjectives: real, successful, massive, large, big, enormous, huge, wrong, psychological, traditional, yellow, basic, last, red.

Common collocations

progress block progress check progress
screen block screen check screen
door block door check door

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Attack the Block After attacking Moses, the alien is killed by the gang — but more come crashing down, and it’s up to these kids to take them down and save their block.Check out the trailer here.Attack the Block features examples of: Action Girl: Tia and Dimples, most definitely.
  • Comic Book / Martian Manhunter Well... it's s psychic block implanted by the Guardians of the Universe to keep their extremely powerful, extremely evil Burning Martian selves held in check.
  • Video Game / Chuck Norris Superkicks You'll face another ambush on each path, and this time the enemies block low, so you punch them.Having made it past mooks and fallen trees, you get to another check point.
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