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Block verb – Prohibit the conversion or use of (assets).
Usage example: Blocked funds

Release is an antonym for block in obstruct topic.
Nearby Words: blocked, blockade, blockage, blockhead, blocking
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Release verb – To set free from entanglement or difficulty.
Usage example: the new governor finally managed to release himself from his rash campaign promise

Block is an antonym for release in lock topic.
Nearby Words: released, releasing
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Similar words of release
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How words are described

live live block live release
full full block full release
special special block special release
similar similar block similar release
Other adjectives: regular, original, single, successful, massive, main, new, major, final, next, last.

Common collocations

energy block energy release energy
power block power release power
attack block attack release attack
people block people release people
Other nouns: line, time, blast, magic, powers, creatures.

Both words in one sentence

  • Music / The Beatles This album saw two releases, the second despite an attempt by the Beatles to block its release, but a third release was successfully and permanently blocked.
  • An unofficial release of The Beatles' performances from their last sojourn to Hamburg was made in 1977, with The Beatles themselves trying and failing to block its release.
    Source: Live Album
  • Anime / Combattler V Combattler V can release a spiked block which is connected to the arms with a wire.
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