Bloodless and Human


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Bloodless adjective – Free from blood or bloodshed.
Human is an antonym for bloodless.
Nearby Words: bloody, blood
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Human adjective – Having human form or attributes as opposed to those of animals or divine beings.
Usage example: human beings

Bloodless is an antonym for human.
Nearby Words: humane, humanity, humanely, humanism, humanistic
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Similar words of bloodless
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Similar words of human
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Things that words describes

body bloodless body human body
form bloodless form human form
version bloodless version human version
corpses bloodless corpses human corpses

Both words in one sentence

  • Anime / Zambot 3 Bloodless Carnage: Whenever a human bomb explodes, the human completely vanishes.
  • Anime / Neo Human Casshern Bloodless Carnage/Gory Discretion Shot: Many a human are killed in this series in some rather gruesome ways, but rarely will you ever see a drop of blood aside from a few dramatic instances.
  • Film / Transformers: Age of Extinction Bloodless Carnage: Optimus lands a killing shot on puny human Attinger, but instead of incinerating his entire upper torso, it merely leaves a burn mark on his chest.
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