Body and Mind


Body noun - The main or greater part of something as distinguished from its subordinate parts.

Mind is an antonym for body in topics: human being, crowd, physique, bulk, corpse.

Nearby Words: bodily, bod, bodied, bodying


Mind noun - The part of a person that feels, thinks, perceives, wills, and especially reasons.

Body is an antonym for mind in topics: inclination, intelligence, memory.

How words are described

human human body human mind
mortal mortal body mortal mind
female female body female mind
full full body full mind
Other adjectives: normal, perfect, alien, original, true, single, powerful, healthy, entire, real, massive, little, young, beautiful, new, broken, unconscious, damaged, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Our Souls Are Different In Chzo Mythos the soul is one of a person's three aspects, the other two is the body and the mind.
  • Our Souls Are Different The correct definition of a "soul" is the person itself, including the physical body and mind rather than separate from it.
  • There is something...chilling while reading constant mind/body rapes about girls from a somewhat heartwarming visual novel.
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