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Bond noun – A uniting or binding force or influence.
Usage example: the bond of love between them was so strong that even death could not break it

Union is a synonym for bond in attachment topic. In some cases you can use "Union" instead a noun "Bond", when it comes to topics like tie, association.
Nearby Words: bonded, bonding, bondsman, bonder, bondholder
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Union noun – The act or an instance of joining two or more things into one.
Bond is a synonym for union. Sometimes you can use "Bond" instead a noun "Union".
Nearby Words: unity, unionised, unionize, unionization, unionise
Synonyms for Union

How words are described

loving loving bond loving union
best best bond best union
complete complete bond complete union
original original bond original union
Other adjectives: powerful, actual, real, sexual, new, former, modern, stronger, unbreakable.

Both words in one sentence

  • He not only does this because he is one of the Union's investors, but is vengeful for Bond accidentally causing the deaths of his wife and child in the opening chapter.
  • Red Herring: Since Marquis has workerd for the Union before, reader is led to believe that he is their mole in the expedition, and Bond's suspicions about Schrenk are misplaced.
  • Downer Ending: Bond's mission of retrieving the Skin 17 is succesful, but he is unable to save Helena Marksbury, who is killed by the Union as she is not useful to them anymore.
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