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Book noun – A written work or composition that has been published (printed on pages bound together).
Usage example: I am reading a good book on economics

Publication is a synonym for book in work topic. In some cases you can use "Publication" instead a noun "Book", when it comes to topics like volume, published document. popular alternative
Nearby Words: booked, bookish, booklet, booking, bookie
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Publication noun – The act of issuing printed materials.
Book is a synonym for publication in work topic. You can use "Book" instead a noun "Publication", if it concerns topics such as pamphlet, something printed for reading. popular alternative
Nearby Words: public, publish, publicize, publicise, publicity
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How words are described

specific specific book specific publication
original original book original publication
single single book single publication
popular popular book popular publication
Other adjectives: small, actual, entire, new, early, final, later, official, next, last, comic, recent, earlier, eponymous.

Both words in one sentence

  • Creator / Ludwig Wittgenstein He was notorious for holding back his work from publication until he got it right; in his own lifetime, his entire published output consisted of one book, one book review, an article and a children's dictionary.
  • After the book's publication in 1960, Miller isolated himself for 40 years and never wrote another book, though at the time of his suicide he was at work on his second novel, which had to be finished by a ghost writer and posthumously published.
  • The first book is a self-admitted author wank piece with a significant focus on BDSM that was originally not intended for publication; it was written specifically to get it out of Ringo's head so he could move on to other work.
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