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Bother verb – To thrust oneself upon (another) without invitation.
Usage example: I am never going to get this work done if people don't stop wandering into the room and bothering me

Devil is a synonym for bother (North American) in ride topic. In some cases you can use "Devil" instead a verb "Bother". informal substitute
Nearby Words: bothered, bothersome, botheration, bothering
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Devil verb – Cause annoyance in; disturb, especially by minor irritations.
Bother is a synonym for devil. Sometimes you can use "Bother" instead a verb "Devil".
Nearby Words: devious, devilish, devilry, devilment, devilishly
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good good bother good devil
powerful powerful bother powerful devil
infamous infamous bother infamous devil
sexy sexy bother sexy devil

Both words in one sentence

  • Evil Is Petty When you find out who the devil is in the movie Devil, you really have to ask yourself why did she bother to steal that guy's wallet earlier?
    Source: Evil Is Petty
  • Devil May Cry The Animated Series doesn't bother to fully explain Dante's connection to Trish or Lady, their respective histories being found in the first and third game.
  • Good Angel Bad Angel / Western Animation His bad angel - his mother in a devil costume - doesn't even bother arguing and pulls the alarm herself.
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