Boy and Fellow


Boy noun - A male romantic companion.
Usage example: their teenaged daughter has a new boy, and she's just crazy about him
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Synonyms for Boy

Fellow is a synonym for boy in friend topic. In some cases you can use "Fellow" instead a noun "Boy", when it comes to topics like guy, young man, boyfriend, chap. popular alternative

Nearby Words: boyish, boyhood, boyishness


Fellow noun - A male romantic companion.
Usage example: most of the women were bringing their fellows to the banquet after the tennis tournament

Boy is a synonym for fellow in man topic. You can use "Boy" instead a noun "Fellow", if it concerns topics such as friend, guy, boyfriend, chap. popular alternative

Nearby Words: fellowship, fella

How words are described

sensitive sensitive boy sensitive fellow
old old boy old fellow
good good boy good fellow
nice nice boy nice fellow
Other adjectives: looking, normal, ordinary, short, certain, handsome, poor, small, intelligent, bad, quiet, black, young, cheerful, clever, shy, mysterious, strange, creepy.

Both words in one sentence

  • Self Demonstrating / The Joker And whaddaya know; in 2016, pretty boy and fellow statue snatcher Jared Leto graced the silver screen with my handsome mug.
  • She and her family have kept their secret for years but when new boy and fellow Wolfblood, Rhydian, moves in her secret and friendships are put into jeopardy.
  • In the New 52, Nightwing's foe Saiko (which appropriately enough sounds a lot like "psycho") is really his former friend and fellow former circus boy Raymond.
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