Brain and Idiot


Brain noun - A very smart person.
Usage example: the brains all sit together at lunch

Idiot is an antonym for brain.

Nearby Words: brainstorm, brainy, brainless, brained, braining


Idiot noun - A stupid person.
Usage example: only an idiot would invest in a company just because a casual acquaintance recommended it

Brain is an antonym for idiot in very stupid person topic.

Nearby Words: idiotic, idiom, idiocy, idiotically

How words are described

stupid stupid brain stupid idiot
poor poor brain poor idiot
powerful powerful brain powerful idiot
actual actual brain actual idiot
Other adjectives: real, massive, big, huge, evil, little, classic, gigantic, random, said.

Both words in one sentence

  • "Flowers for Algernon" Syndrome Brian turns into an idiot thanks to a tumor in his brain, and he refuses to get it removed as he prefers being an idiot.
  • Childhood Brain Damage Subverted in Dragon Bones: Ward pretends that a violent beating by his father caused brain damage to make his father believe he's a harmless idiot.
  • Childhood Brain Damage One episode reveals that Homer is an idiot because he stuck a crayon up his nose as a child and got it jammed into his brain.
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