Brain and Intellect


Brain noun - A very smart person.
Usage example: the brains all sit together at lunch

Intellect is a synonym for brain in intelligence topic. In some cases you can use "Intellect" instead a noun "Brain", when it comes to topics like ability, mind, property, intellectual. popular alternative

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Intellect noun - A very smart person.
Usage example: one of the finest intellects of our time

Brain is a synonym for intellect in ability topic. You can use "Brain" instead a noun "Intellect", if it concerns topics such as mind, property, intelligence, thinker. popular alternative

How words are described

human human brain human intellect
physical physical brain physical intellect
normal normal brain normal intellect
short short brain short intellect
Other adjectives: developed, alien, powerful, real, massive, great, superior, enormous, little, capable, augmented, giant, mighty, disembodied, super.

Both words in one sentence

  • Starfish Aliens And a rather hospitable planet-sized semiconductor-based brain, with proportional intellect, multitasking ability and energy supply.
  • My Brain Is Big The denser the brain tissue and the more neural pathways within an organism's brain, the higher its intellect.
  • Several psionic monsters had the ability to detect the use of psionics nearby, such as the Brain Mole, Intellect Devourer and Thought Eater.
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