Branch and Split


Branch verb - To extend outwards from or as if from a central point.
Usage example: threads branched from the center of the spider web

Split is a synonym for branch in divergence topic. In some cases you can use "Split" instead the word "Branch" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like radiation, fork.


Split verb - To set or force apart.

Branch is a synonym for split in divergence topic. Sometimes you can use "Branch" instead the word "Split" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as radiation, diverge, fork, break up.

Nearby Words: splice, splitting, splitter

How words are described

high high branch high split
full full branch full split
long long branch long split
similar similar branch similar split
Other adjectives: complete, original, single, small, entire, large, big, huge, little, main, secret, major, independent, official, giant, largest.

Common collocations

time branch time split time
way branch way split way
story branch story split story
teams branch teams split teams

Both words in one sentence

  • The Hero Dies This third split involves Link from dying in the final battle instead of fulfilling his destiny, with this branch eventually leading to the NES games.
    Source: The Hero Dies
  • Tabletop Game / Forgotten Realms Harpers for a time were a branch of Heralds before split due to different agenda, but retained good relations.
  • Word of Saint Paul: In-universe, Christianity gained another early high-powered missionary and organiser in Hypatia, and thus split into two groups, based on different Words of Saint Paul: the Pauline branch and the Petrine branch.
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