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Brash adjective – Displaying or marked by rude boldness.
Rude is a synonym for brash in bold topic. In some cases you can use "Rude" instead an adjective "Brash", when it comes to topics like impulsive, forward.
Nearby Word: brassy
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Rude adjective – Showing a lack of manners or consideration for others.
Usage example: it's rude to call someone “ugly”

Brash is a synonym for rude in ill-mannered topic. You can use "Brash" instead an adjective "Rude".
Nearby Words: rudeness, rudely
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Things that words describes

person brash person rude person
girl brash girl rude girl
behaviour brash behaviour rude behaviour
attitude brash attitude rude attitude
Other nouns: manner, man, individual, guy, boy, member, nature, way, personality, cop, prince, behavior, jock, slob, girls.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Wild ARMs 1 Hypocritical Humor: In the remake's ending, Jane claims she isn't brash or rude enough to interrupt Rudy and Jack's reunion with Cecilia.
  • Historical Hero Upgrade But in Samurai Deeper Kyo, he ends up becoming Kyo's ally, though he may be rude and brash (aka Bontenmaru).
  • Video Game / Wild ARMs 1 He's quite brash and rude in the beginning, but becomes more and more protective of Rudy and Cecilia as the game progresses, eventually showing that he cares for Filgaia just as much as them.
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