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Break noun – A momentary halt in an activity.
Usage example: there was a brief break after the first movement as the doors to the concert hall were opened and the latecomers were allowed in

Lapse is a synonym for break in duration topic. In some cases you can use "Lapse" instead the word "Break" as a noun or a verb.
Nearby Words: breach, breakdown, breaking, breakup, breakable
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Lapse noun – The stopping of a process or activity.
Usage example: wasn't bothered by the lapse of her membership at the health club

Break is a synonym for lapse in interval topic. Sometimes you can use "Break" instead the word "Lapse" as a noun or a verb, if it concerns topics such as duration, pause.
Nearby Words: lapsed, lapsing, lapsus
Synonyms for Lapse

How words are described

long long break long lapse
brief brief break brief lapse
short short break short lapse
complete complete break complete lapse
Other adjectives: single, severe, large, serious, huge, little, slight, major, mental, temporary, slightest, occasional.

Common collocations

time break time lapse time
game break game lapse game
times break times lapse times

Both words in one sentence

  • Not even digital outlets got any break from the contractual lapse.
  • He never bathes, he thinks it's socially acceptable to break into people's houses and steal their stuff and has the nerve to tell Laurie that her mother almost getting raped by the Comedian could have been a moral lapse.
  • The issue goes to outright terrifying with Pinkie Pie's lapse into depression in "Party of One", Fluttershy's lapse into Yandere at the climax of "The Best Night Ever", and Twilight Sparkle's complete psychotic break in "Lesson Zero".
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