Break and Opportunity


Break noun - A favorable combination of circumstances, time, and place.
Usage example: in classic fashion, her big break came when, as an understudy, she took over for an ailing star

Opportunity is a synonym for break in luck topic. In some cases you can use "Opportunity" instead a noun "Break", when it comes to topics like chance, stroke of luck, lucky happening.


Opportunity noun - A favorable combination of circumstances, time, and place.
Usage example: this art school could be a wonderful opportunity for you to finally develop your talent for painting
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Synonyms for Opportunity

Break is a synonym for opportunity in chance topic. You can use "Break" instead a noun "Opportunity", if it concerns topics such as luck, shot, lucky chance. informal substitute

How words are described

good good break good opportunity
full full break full opportunity
nice nice break nice opportunity
best best break best opportunity
Other adjectives: welcome, brief, single, small, actual, real, big, huge, little, new, major, possible, final, slightest, next, last, occasional, biggest.

Both words in one sentence

  • Neck Lift Subverted in that Shiryu takes the opportunity to move his body like a pendulum, use the momentum to strike Ohko's arm with his knee and break it, freeing himself.
    Source: Neck Lift
  • Music / Westlife Westlife did nothing to help matters as they took every opportunity to break out their comedic impressions of him during interviews.
  • Film / Beverly Hills Cop Bogomill breaks it up by entering the scene, giving her an opportunity to break free and giving the two cops a clear shot.
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