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Break verb – To cause to separate into pieces usually suddenly or forcibly.
Shut down and break are semantically related. In some cases you can use "Shut down" instead a verb "Break".
Nearby Words: breach, breakdown, breaking, breakup, breakable
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Shut down verb – Cease to operate or cause to cease operating.
Break and shut down are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Break" instead a verb "Shut down".
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  • Luke, Leia, and Han break out into this in Star Wars: A New Hope after R2-D2 manages to shut down the garbage compactor that was about to crush them.
  • Visual Novel / Muv-Luv Alternative Death from Above: In contrast to the UN and Japanese Army tactics of using orbital divers to break into and shut down hives, the US Army prefers dropping G-Bombs, one after the other, on hives.
  • Comic Book / Civil War II This is shown when Kamala demands that the holding cell in Jersey be shut down after Bruno is put in a coma trying to break a friend out and Carol refuses.
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