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Breeding noun – The sexual activity of conceiving and bearing offspring.
Procreation is a synonym for breeding in reproduction topic. In some cases you can use "Procreation" instead a noun "Breeding", when it comes to topics like pedigree. popular alternative
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Procreation noun – The sexual activity of conceiving and bearing offspring.
Breeding is a synonym for procreation in reproduction topic. You can use "Breeding" instead a noun "Procreation", if it concerns topics such as pedigree. popular alternative
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  • The remaining men were put into breeding camps to repopulate their respective countries and because artificial insemination was never discovered in this Earth, procreation could only be achieved the old-fashioned way—sex.
  • Literature / Star Trek: The Lost Era Immortal Procreation Clause: The immortal Manraloth rarely need to reproduce; when they do they can alter their own physiology to bring their body back into breeding mode, although it takes some time to completely undergo the changes.
  • Literature / Wild Cards While their Psi Lord nobility practice Arranged Marriage as part of a Super Breeding Program, nobody expects either the men or the women to remain monogamous, only to restrict actual procreation to partners specified by the breeding plan.
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