Bright and Dim


Bright adjective - Giving off or reflecting much light.
Usage example: the moon is bright tonight

Dim is an antonym for bright in topics: intelligent, sunny, shining.

Nearby Words: brighten, brightness, brightly


Dim adjective - Being without light or without much light.
Usage example: a dim room in the basement that is very depressing

Bright is an antonym for dim in topics: stupid, cloudy, darkish, not very intelligent, unfavorable with regard to opinion.

Nearby Words: dimness, dimly

Both words in one sentence

  • But sometimes no light means "no signal" and a light means "signal received"; sometimes it's dim light: no signal, bright light: signal received; and sometimes it's permanently a dim light.
  • She can also make her eyes glow similarly to angels, although her glow is a more dim and grayish color as opposed to the bright white or bluish-white glow of regular angels.
    Source: Nephilim
  • It occurs to him that maybe the reverse isn’t true - alto sax is the sort of girl that demands attention, and Lackadaisy’s bright for a cellar but dim for a dance hall.
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