Bright and Fair


Bright adjective - Having qualities which inspire hope.
Usage example: predicted a bright future for the young math whiz

Fair is a synonym for bright in sunny topic. In some cases you can use "Fair" instead the word "Bright" as an adjective or a noun, when it comes to topics like clear, nature, luck, rainless. popular alternative

Nearby Words: brighten, brightness, brightly


Fair adjective - Not stormy or cloudy.
Usage example: we prayed for fair weather during our vacation at the beach

Bright is a synonym for fair in fine topic. You can use "Bright" instead an adjective "Fair", if it concerns topics such as clear, nature, luck, rainless. popular alternative

Nearby Words: fairness, fairly, faired, fairground

Both words in one sentence

  • Red Right Hand: The description of Mordred's appearance makes it clear he's not to be trusted:He was a thin wisp of a fellow, so fair-haired that he was almost an albino: and his bright eyes were so blue, so palely azure in their faded depths, that you could not see into them.
  • On the bright side, if you have someone who disconnects for whatever reason, an enemy bot will leave to compensate for the missing player, thus making things fair-erish.
  • Webcomic / And Shine Heaven Now Unsettling Gender Reveal: Well, to be fair, Alucard is very convincing as Girlycard, and Bertie is not very bright... And also, technically, pulled this on Maggie.
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